Visa & Immigration

Hong Kong is known as a free economy with simple tax system and no foreign exchange restriction. As a Special Administrative Region of China and former British colony, Hong Kong is an ideal platform for doing business in Asia, especially for mainland China.

In light of the considerable business and employment opportunities in this international financial center, many multinational organizations have presence in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong is one of the leading economies of the world which attract many entrepreneurs to immigrate to the city as well.

Our professional team is experienced to offer comprehensive range of immigration solutions to our clients, as below:

  • Investment Visa as Entrepreneurs
  • Employment Visa
  • Admission Scheme for Mainland
  • Dependent Visa

Ireland is close to the UK and is also a member of the European Union, which is one of the few English-speaking country in the EU. Due to its favorable business environment and corporate income tax as low as 12.5%, many well-known multinational companies are attracted to set up their European headquarters at there.

Non-EU residents can apply Stamp 4 residence permit without a language test by investing EUR 1 million in Irish infrastructure, such as community health service centre or nursing home, and providing the Irish government with a proof of EUR 2 million assets. Spouse, sons and daughters under the age of 18 and those aged 18-24 who are not yet independent are able to apply the residence permit together unconditionally. The residence requirement for Stamp 4 residence permit is only one day per year, and can be renewed permanently after 5 years. Permit holders are allowed to live, work and study in Ireland, and children can enjoy free public primary and secondary education.

Pathways to immigrate to New Zealand include Skilled Migrant and Investment Migrant etc.

For Investment Migrant, approved investment projects include bonds, equities, civil real estate development (not lived by the applicants), and non-bond and charitable growth investments. After Approval in Principal, whole family will enjoy the benefits like New Zealand natives.

Types of Investment Migrant include:

Sum of Investment $10 million NZD $3 million NZD
Length of Investment 3 years 4 years
Age No requirement Maximum age of 65
Business Experience No requirement 3-year related business experience
Proof of Assets No requirement $1 million NZD
Source of Funds Proof is required
English Language Requirements  No requirement
  • IELTS overall band score over 3
  • IELTS overall band score of 3: must complete 20 hours English language tuition within the 4-year investment period
Residence Requirements At least 44 days per year in New Zealand for the last 2 years during 3-year investment period At least 146 days per year in New Zealand for the last 3 years during 4-year investment period