About Us

To Provide One-stop Business Solutions

Hong Kong is an international trade port and financial centre. It is an ideal bridge entering into China market.

AlphaCS is a licenced corporate services company (Hong Kong TCSP Licence No.: TC000280) based in Hong Kong and have clients from continents. We are keen on providing one-stop business solutions to support client’s core business development.


Global business environment grows more complex and has significant change in legalization frameworks. Entrepreneurs need to have a wider skill set and global experience to succeed. We are passionate in building and maintaining enduring relationship with our every valuable client which enables us to proactively work with you to anticipate business requirements and plan in advance for the challenges ahead.



We are providing one-stop total solution to help you incorporate your company and support your company’s continuous growth. Our professional team aimed at providing tailor-made services for our every unique client by linking you to suitable and experienced consultants. By cooperating with us, you will have more time to concentrate on building your business.



We are keen on providing the best quality services to our every precious client. Our motivated and energetic team possess a passion for service goes for hand-in-hand with personable attitude and takes the initiative to care your business.



As a conscientious company, we always place our clients in the first priority. We strive to understand every client’s actual needs at the very beginning, and thereafter to analyze the real hazards and provide the best advice for clients.



We give our valued customers a quality service with reasonable and competitive price. Depending on every unique client’s needs, we offer a comprehensive range of services that cater to each stage of your business growth.