Visa & Immigration

Business has become increasingly international over the past few decades. Following to global technology and transportation development, it is much easier for businessmen to develop and manage business across the border and even remotely, which facilitates the need and interest for migration.

While families would generally consider various factors for migration including employment and business opportunity, healthcare, environment, education etc., the choice of tax residence of a businessman and that of his/her company(ies) are also somehow interrelated.

Our team is ready to provide one-stop solutions, not only to you but also to your family, for visa application or even citizenship in below destinations:

  • Asia: Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore
  • Americas and the Caribbean: USA, Canada, Dominica
  • Europe and the Middle East: Ireland, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu

Hong Kong is known as a free economy with simple tax system and no foreign exchange restriction. As a Special Administrative Region of China and former British colony, Hong Kong is an ideal platform for doing business in Asia, especially for mainland China.

In light of the considerable business and employment opportunities in this international financial center, many multinational organizations have presence in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong is one of the leading economies of the world which attract many entrepreneurs to immigrate to the city as well.


  • Simple application
  • Ample of international job opportunities
  • Visa-free / landing visa to 165 countries and districts

Common Visa Options

  • Entry for Investment as Entrepreneurs
    • Applicable to entrepreneurs with Substantial contribution to Hong Kong economy, or wish to establish or join in a start-up business in Hong Kong
  • Entry for Employment as Professionals
    • General Employment Policy (GEP) – for people with special skills, knowledge or experience applying to work in Hong Kong
    • Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP) – for Chinese residents of the Mainland who possess special skills, knowledge or experience of value to and not readily available in Hong Kong
    • Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG) – for non-local graduates who wish to work in Hong Kong
  • Entry for Residence as Dependants
    • Spouse or unmarried dependent children under 18

Taiwan, an East Asian island with a population of over 23 million in western Pacific Ocean, is a member of the World Trade Organization, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and Asian Development Bank. This free-market economy, which many corporations have gradually been privatized since 1980s, was named as one of the Four Asian Tigers along with Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea.

While Taiwan only accepts applicants who are high-level professionals or had special contribution to Taiwan for naturalization without having to relinquish citizenship in their own countries in general, this requirement does not apply to Hong Kong’s or Macau’s permanent residents who do not hold any passport other than HKSAR / MSAR passport or British National Overseas (BNO) passport.


  • No requirement on language, education and work experience
  • Low investment floor – set up or invest in a business in Taiwan by investing TWD 6 million or above
  • Obtain citizenship as quickly as 1 year

To Become and Maintain as Resident

  • Maintain the business throughout the period

To Become Citizen

  • Continuously stayed in Taiwan for more than 335 days during the 1 year counting back from the application date, or
  • Continuously stayed in Taiwan for more than 270 days per year for the 2 years counting back from the application date

Singapore, which was named as one of the Four Asian Tigers together with Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, is highly developed country in Asia-Pacific. The education, healthcare, quality of life, personal safety and housing are the fame of Singapore. As an economic hub in Asia-Pacific and a financial center in the world, Singapore’s GDP per capita remains high rising. Thus, the employment pass of Singapore is especially popular among entrepreneurs and executives. Spouse, children and parents of main applicant can apply for family passes if the main applicant can satisfy higher eligibility criteria which depend on the type of pass applied by the main applicant.


  • Simple application procedures
  • No requirements on language, age, asset requirements
  • Flexible application and renewal conditions
  • Bilingual education


  • For eligible foreign entrepreneurs who want to start and operate a new business in Singapore and meet meet the innovative criteria for application as an entrepreneur, innovator or investor
  • No stipulated minimum salary

Employment Pass

  • For foreign professionals with a offer of managerial, executive or specialised job in Singapore
  • Earn a fixed monthly salary of at least SGD 3,600 (more experienced candidates need higher salaries)
  • Have acceptable qualifications, usually a good university degree, professional qualifications or specialised skills

Canada, a politically stable, sparsely-populated and economically developed country, provides access to the United States by south and Mexico markets based on the NAFTA Agreement. There are minimal government regulations in starting one’s own business. Thus, Canada is a favorable immigration destination for people, especially businessmen.


  • Simple application
  • High probability of successful application
  • Complete application within 18 to 36 months

Permanent Resident Visa

  • After obtained the visa, the applicant will become a permanent resident upon landing to Canada
  • Not necessary to start own business or obtain job offer before landing
  • Express entry for skilled workers, to be assessed according to applicant’s skills, work experience, language ability, education and other factors

Start-up Visa

  • Permanent residence given to applicant who:
    • Intend to operate a new business in Canada; and
    • Get a letter of support from a designated organization (angel investor group, venture capital fund or business incubator)
  • No impact to applicant’s residence status regardless business success or not

Ireland, which locates in the North Atlantic and adjacent to the United Kingdom, is the third-largest country in Europe. It supports innovation from startups to international corporations with its infrastructure, talent and culture. The dynamic business environment and multi-cultural population made Ireland the fastest growing economy in European Union (EU). Due to its favorable business environment and corporate income tax as low as 12.5%, many well-known multinational companies are attracted to set up their European headquarters at there.

Non-EU residents can apply Stamp 4 long-term residence permit without a language test by investing EUR 400,000 to 1 million in Irish infrastructure, such as community health service centre or nursing home, and providing the Irish government with a proof of EUR 2 million assets. Spouse, sons and daughters under the age of 18 and those aged 18-24 who are not yet independent are able to apply the residence permit together unconditionally. The residence requirement for Stamp 4 long-term residence permit is only one day per year; permit holders may decide to renew the permit every 5 years after 5 years, or apply for citizenship if satisfied the residence requirement. Holders of Stamp 4 long-term residence permit are allowed to live, work and study in Ireland, and children can enjoy free public primary and secondary education.


  • No requirements on education, language, work experience and business background; be able to obtain long term residence visa with one-time application
  • First approval then investment to ensure capital security
  • Fast application
  • Only enter Ireland at least once a calendar year with at least 1 day of staying to maintain the residence permit
  • The only English-speaking country that exist in both the EU and the Eurozone
  • The United Kingdom and Ireland formed together a common area CTA, the Irish citizens have the right to settle in the United Kingdom

Cyprus, a modern country lies at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia, provides unrivalled access and travel opportunities. It is perfectly placed for working and travelling within and beyond the European Union (EU). The country has a free-market, service-based economy, making it a favored business destination.

Any investor, having clean criminal record from the country of origin as well as satisfying the requirements of annual income and fixed deposit in a Cypriot bank account, can apply for permanent residency by purely investing €300,000 in new residential real estate.


  • Highly efficient – 2 months processing time
  • Simple application
  • Valid forever
  • All nationalities are eligible to apply
  • No language requirement, medical exam or interview
  • Right to be shareholder in a Cypriot company i.e. allowed to do business in Cyprus or abroad, and receive dividend income from the company
  • Right to apply for citizenship after 7 years
  • Member of the EU – ease of travel throughout the EU

United Kingdom is an economically and politically stable island country. As one of the largest business and financial center in the world, the strong infrastructure, simple taxation system and sound regulations, which are essential to the overall business growth, attract foreign investors to establish and develop long-term businesses in the country.

Investors can apply Tier 1 visa by proving to have at least existing £2 million investment in the UK or overseas belonging to either applicant or applicant’s spouse, and invest the requested amount in share capital or bonds in active UK companies within 3 months of investor visa start date. Spouse and unmarried children aged below 18 are also able to apply the visa together as dependants.


  • No age limit, language, education and work experience requirement
  • No education and work experience requirement
  • Not required proof of source of fund for those fund available for over 2 years

To Become and Maintain Permanent Resident

  • Stay 6 months in UK per year
  • Maintain the investments throughout the period
    • Regular period: £2 million investment for 5 years
    • Fast track: 3 years for £5 million investment or 2 years for £10 million investment

To Become Citizen

  • Stay at least 1 year after obtaining permanent residence status
  • Not leaving UK for over 90 days in the year prior to application

Portugal is an European Union (EU) country, with an area of about 92 thousand square kilometers, situated in the south-west of Europe. It has a population of about 10 million. Its mild climate and cultural heritage are the charms for the visitors. Also, it is one of the fastest growing economies in the continent which attracts many investors.

The requirements to be become resident in the country is just to invest at least €350,000 for property (depending on property type). Investors are free to rent out the property or even change the property as long as the value of investment is maintained throughout 5 years. Spouse, children aged below 18, unmarried and full-time educated children aged 18-26 as well as dependent parents are able to apply the visa together with the investor.


  • No requirement on age, education and work experience
  • No requirement on proof of source of funds
  • Minimal stay requirement
  • Get the permanent residency or citizenship after 5 years of residency status subject to language test result

To Become and Maintain as Resident

  • Stay 7 days in the first year and 14 days in each subsequent 2-year period
  • Maintain the investment throughout the period, but can change the property

To Become Permanent Resident or Citizen

  • Being resident for at least 5 years
  • Passing the Portuguese language test (CEFR A2)

Spain is the largest European country, with an area of about 505,370 km2, located in Southwestern Europe. It has a population of around 49 million. It is well-known for its warm climate, healthy Mediterranean diet and the passionate Spanish. Its economy is one of the largest ones in the world and with a huge market base. The inflation rate there remains as low as 3%. With all the benefits, foreign investors are attracted.

Any investor purchasing a property in Spain that is not less than €500,000 (regardless self-used or rented out) can obtain a golden visa in Spain. Spouse, children aged below 18, unmarried depenent children aged over 18 or dependent parents can also apply the visa together as dependants.


  • No requirement on language, education, work experience or proof of source of funds
  • No stay requirement (visit only per extension)
  • Visa-free to all Schengen countries

To Become and Maintain as Resident

  • Only need to visit for visa extension
  • Maintain the investment throughout the period, but can change the property

To Become Permanent Resident

  • Being resident for at least 5 years
  • Stayed in Spain for over 4 years and 2 months within 5 years

To Become Citizen

  • Being resident for at least 10 years
  • Stayed in Spain for over 8 years and 4 months within 10 years

Bulgaria is a country located on the Balkans in southeastern Europe. As a member of European Union (EU) since 2007, Bulgarian citizens are EU citizens which have the right to move to any EU country to work, run business, study or live. The simplicity of obtaining permanent residency and citizenship purely by investment attracts investors migrating to the country.

To Become and Maintain as Permanent Resident

  • Able to get permanent residency in around half year after investing BGN 1 million (around EUR 512,000) in Bulgarian Government bond
  • Maintain the investment throughout the period
  • No requirement on resident period
  • Spouse and children aged below 21 can apply as dependants

To Become Citizen

  • Regular Route to Citizenship
    • Apply citizenship after being permanent resident for 5 years
    • The Government bond can be sold once citizenship is granted
  • Fast Track Route to Citizenship
    • Apply citizenship after being permanent resident for 1 year and further invest EUR 512,000 in Bulgarian Government bond
    • The bond can be sold 2 years after citizenship is granted


  • No requirement on resident period
  • No requirement on language, age, education and work or business experience
  • Simple application procedures
  • Able to obtain passport; have the right to work and live in other EU countries

Australia has a globally integrated economy with strong trade and investment links with the growing Asia-Pacific region. Its political stability, transparent regulatory system and sound governance frameworks underpin Australia’s economic resilience and provide multinationals with a safe, secure business environment in the country.

If applicants have sufficient funds, the right to permanent residence in Australia can be obtained through various investment channels. Besides, there are a number of visa types which is to be applied by the main applicant’s family members including parents, children and relatives etc. Permanent residents are eligible to obtain the citizenship after passed the citizenship test (unless exempted) and met the residence requirements.

Business Talent (Permanent) Visa – Significant Business History (132A)

  • Suitable for experienced business owners, who meets the , English proficiency, personal assets as well as company annual turnover and ownership percentage requirements, to operate a new or existing business in Australia
  • Obtain permanent residency before investing a qualifying business in Australia
  • Meet achievements within 2 years and provide information to enable a 2-year review after visa granted

Business Innovation and Investment Visa (188 / 888)

  • Stage 1: Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 188)
    • 4-year provisional subclass 188 visa, part of a 2-step pathway to permanent residency, with 5 eligibility streams: Business Innovation Stream (188A), Investor Stream (188B), Significant Investor Stream (188C), Premium Investor Stream (188D) and Entrepreneur Stream (188E)
    • The scoring procedure, under the criteria, including age, English proficiency, education, asset amount and business operations taking place
  • Stage 2: Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 888)
    • After obtained the 188 visa, the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888) is to be applied to obtain the permanent residency, if the applicant have met the requirements of that visa in the stream in which you first applied and are nominated by a state or territory


  • Australian Business Innovation and Investment Program will be amended with effective on 1 July 2021.
  • 9 visa streams to this program will be simplified to 4 visa streams: Visa streams like subclass 132A, subclass 132B, subclass 188D etc. will be no longer available on 1 July 2021.
  • The application criteria of other streams will also be amended.

The Republic of Vanuatu, a simple island country in the South Pacific region having a population of around 270,000, was previously nominated as “the World’s Happiest Nation”. As a part of the commonwealth, Vanuatu has clear legal provisions and is politically stable. Its banking system is closely related to the international standard of banks.

In addition to the above, the fast and simple application procedure for applying honorary citizenship is the most attractive to people from all over the world doing business in and migrating to the country. It is not required to relinquish the current nationality to apply the honorary citizenship in Vanuatu. The applicant could generally have the issued passport and citizenship certificate as fast as 4-6 weeks. Besides that, the applicant’s spouse, children and parents aged over 65 can also apply the citizenship program as dependants.


  • No requirement on language, education, work experience and business experience
  • Low investment cost
  • Passport could be issued as fast as 4-6 weeks
  • Permanent renewal of passport
  • Enjoy visa-free to more than 125 countries or regions, including Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, France, Germany and other EU countries
  • Stay and study in British and Irish countries for up to 6 months, convenient for parents to visit their children who study abroad in the United Kingdom
  • No personal income tax, business tax, capital tax, real estate tax, inheritance tax, gift tax and withholding tax, and no global tax imposed