Bank Account Opening

As Hong Kong is one of the renowned financial centers in the world, which seventy of the largest hundred banks in the world have an operation here, this attracts investments around the world and tens of thousands of investors establish their businesses in this city.

It is not so simple, however, to open a bank account because nowadays banks have to fulfill quite a number of requirements and formalities for account opening.

Our professional team is experienced to handle every single step for enterprises to fulfill the formalities when it comes to opening bank account with those banks in Hong Kong.

Benefits of Opening Bank Account in Hong Kong

  • No interest tax with higher actual revenues of deposits
  • Free conversion of currencies
  • Little restriction on foreign exchange remittance, free transfer of funds
  • Convenience in settlement of international trades
  • Convenience in daily account operation and online bank transactions
  • Convenience in getting trade financing from international banks

Presence in Hong Kong

For bank account opening, it is generally required to attend a face-to-face meeting. The required participants to visit Hong Kong varies according to the company structure and the Company’s quorum stated in the Articles of Association.

While different bank may have different requirements for account opening, in general, it is expected to present passport, address proof and recent business evidence while attending the meeting.